LAYERS: Unnatural Personality Quirks That Make You Unbearable
Thomas Bayne

The ONLY method to attract beautiful, feminine & ‘Low-Exposure’ girls this 2024

The ONLY method to attract beautiful, feminine & ‘Low-Exposure’ girls this 2024

‘Layers’ is a modern social phenomenon – it's the ‘subconscious’ red flags you’ve developed from the digital age.

Resulting in superficial relationships with superficial women – attracting the wrong women in your life, and repulsing the women you really want.

You will go 136 pages deep into this phenomenon and learn the 3-step framework to get rid of them.

This book is not about ‘game’ pick-up, or any psychological gimmicks. This is a social epidemic that NO ONE has even realized yet.

This is killing men’s (and even women’s) dating lives and is stopping you from developing genuine connections.

If you know deep down you deserve better relationships then this is for you.
Written by Bayne
"The Cold Approach Savant"

+14 LAYERS that are killing your dating life.

+14 ‘layers’ that repulse high-quality women. If you’re not happy with the quality of women you’re attracting, then you have layers.

If you’ve seen beautiful girls but can’t muster up the courage to speak with them, then you have layers.

If your favorite influencers with the six pack and the nice cars don’t have legit receipts of them with 9s and 10s, then they have layers.

Skeptical? Check out the author's receipts:

They Call
Him Bayne

Thomas Bayne is just a regular guy, he does not have status, astronomical wealth or a ripped body, but there is another thing he does not have that makes him stand out: layers.

After being a popular kid in high school, Thomas took interest in front-end development and quickly realised that this new environment along with the 'digital nomad' lifestyle was adding layers to his personality which led to him losing the aura he had.

Over the next years he looked for a solution to this which led him to formulate the concept of layers.


I wrote a book.

Not just another book, this is the last book you’ll ever need to read before writing your own story.

The concept of layers is quite literally my life's work, ever since I stumbled across layers while conducting my cold approach research, I knew instantly that is the thing I was missing.

I and everyone around me who has implemented it, will tell you the same thing:

It’s time to stop consuming shitty content and live life on your own terms.
The paradigm shift you experience by removing your layers and starting to live authentically is beyond your wildest imagination, it is going to remove the weight off your shoulders and allow you to be free.

In this book, I’ll cover everything you need to know about LAYERS, those weird quirks that stop you from becoming who you truly are and designing the social life you always wanted.

– Bayne


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